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This Pregnancy Bundle Includes

  • A healing reiki session for expectant mothers with the goal of easing any physical pain on the changing body like sore back, headaches, leg cramps etc.,
  • Ease anxiety,
  • Promote restful sleep for the expectant mom,
  • Strengthen the connection between mother and baby,
  • Encourage a healthy labor and delivery


  • Pregnancy reading including a labor and birth prediction,
  • Baby gender prediction ( if not already known), a
  • Message for you from your baby 
  • Message from your spirit guides. 

A brief consultation will take place before your session where we can discuss any concerns you may have or anything specific you’d like to be worked on.


Reiki is one of my favorite holistic approaches to almost anything! In this session, you will receive a distance reiki session providing a whole body energy tune up, as well as a womb healing and blessing to help remove any energetic blockages caused by past pregnancies, trauma, injury, imbalances and much more. Partners are welcome to this too! 



Pregnancy Reiki Bundle

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