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The Postpartum period, often times referred to as the 4th trimester is a time full of so many changes. You’re meeting your new baby, while also meeting the new you. There are often alot of emotional ups and downs along with the physical changes and healing process. 


What's included:

 A full body chakra scan and alignment to work on any blockages that may be present, ease any physical pain you may be experiencing, strengthen bond between mother and baby, promote anxiety and/or depression relief along with mental clarity. If you are having a hard time with milk production, reiki can also be sent to the milk ducts to promote enhanced milk production And/or improve latch. If your little one is suffering from colic, reiki can be sent to them as well (please make sure to indicate if this is something you wish to have included). 


A reading is also included with messages about what you may need to know during this time, what your baby would like for you to know or what they are wanting most, insight into Baby’s personality, messages from their spirit guides on how to help them flourish, and one specific question of your choice

Postpartum Reiki Bundle

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