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Have you ever wanted to hear from a loved one on the other side? Perhaps you weren't able to get closure, or have questions for them, or just want to hear from them again. During a mediumship reading we will set sacred space together and ask for your loved one to come through so we can speak with them and relay messages back and forth. I am a natural born psychic medium with years of in this field and take what I do very seriously. The ability to communicate with those who have passed away is something I hold very deeply to my heart and always use the utmost respect for the departed. Please take note that while I do love performing mediumship readings, they can be very taxing emotionally and sometimes physically for me and require me to be in the right state of mind, body and spirit. You will likely be asked to provide a photo (and name) of the person(s) you wish to connect with, this allows me to make the connection happen much quicker so that you have more time for your reading.